Saturday, April 9, 2011

nEw CHaPtEr of LifE

Promised to a friend to update this full-of-web space tonite...thanx lullaby..ive kept my word rite?hehe^_^

Anyway, here comes my new story..Started around 1 month ago..on 11th of March 2011..When the status was officially changed. Alhamdulillah, thanx to Allah for making everything went smooth and easy. Praise to Him. Subhanallah. Nothing more is expected than getting Allah's bless and Rahmah..not only on the wedding day, but thruout the life here and in the herefter, inshAllah.Alhamdulillah for sending him to me.

Nuurain Amirah & Muhammad Riduan
our solemnization=)
wedding reception
19.03,2011 @ paka, terengganu. got a nice new family!cool..hehe.Alhamdulillah.

Dedicating my special and huge THANKS to all my bestfriends, friends, and all the guest present on those special days:) Thank u a lot for ur help and ur presence:)
 USIMian n Hamidians:)
pico, wawa,wani, una,nik
eizzah, shepah, nazihah
zana, amani n syafiqah  
hamidians @ usual..tak sah kalau tak memonopoli rumah2 kenduri..haha
me n rumate 1..hi put ^_^hehe
me n rumate 2..hi nadia^_^ hihi
Not to forget to my family, relatives and all the neighbours who had done a very good job for the event. May Allah bless u all with His love and blessings.
ammar, anas, ummi, muaz, babah, afwan. ashraf is missing..
ummi's Chinese family from Teluk Intan
These are the photos taken from other's camera. Haven't got my pics from the photographer yet. Will update the photos once i get it, inshaAllah..
lembu yang tak dilupai...
 naziha, the brides, eizzah n sharifah:)
us again.....
 thats all for the moment..Again, thanx to all and do pray the best for us:) May Allah bless us all:))