Sunday, June 28, 2009


juz cant find the reason for having these deep feelings...huh..

no matter what, u juz have to release them to relief it..

nex week will b a much hectic one..with classes, seminars, case write up etc...hoping for more improvements to b achieved nex week, insyaAllah..

by d way...i got no car to drive on nex week...aahhh this is so boring...cant say how boring it will b..haha..mst raser cm mati kutu ker aper ker..ngeh2

roadtax nih tyme2 nk gune bnyk plak dier mati...aduhai...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new chapter


a new chapter in the journey of a medical student has begin..i've started my clinical phase last monday. going to start the learning process in the hospital makes me a lil bit nervous, yet at the same time anticipating it..(well, that is what u shuld feel-said a senior to me)

the first 3 days was nice but nothing 'adventure' happened bcoz my group havent been to the hospital and deal with any cases yet. mayb on this friday we'll go, insyaAllah.

surgery is my first posting. i'l b in ampang hospital for about 3-4 weeks before moving to temerloh hospital. some of my frens are going to temerloh soon on this sunday, including my rumate..oh my rumate, im going to miss ya..haha...what im worried of is that who's going to wake me up, remind me what should be reminded, scold me..bla3...what a spoilt girl..haha.never mind, i should learn to b more independent then..

so to myself: accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself!
go go go nuurain! go go go amirah!

till then..i'l write more later..